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Developed and implemented by Bishop Sutton and members at the Pro-Cathedral Church of the Holy Communion parish in Dallas, TX, Veritas:What is Truth? is a seeker ministry program that provides an opportunity for believers and seekers to share a meal and openly discuss five stories from the Gospel of St. John that center around the question Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" Veritas is designed to help lead people our front-porch ministries deeper into the home and life of the parish and to begin a process of discipleship.

The Veritas kit contains a Leader's Manual with participant question, how-to guide for hosting a Veritas session, and Powerpoint slides with notes for the presenter. A link will also be provided to you which will allow you access to an online version of the material. Additionally, you can request marketing material such as calling cards and Veritas brochures. 

REC100 is currently working on providing a Video instruction guide and online videos of the actual Veritas presentations by Bishop Sutton. These should be available online in the Fall.  

Parish Planting Guide



The REC Church Planting Guide will help explain the process of church planting in the Reformed Episcopal Church as well as criteria for receiving REC100 grants. This is a good place to start if you or your parish are interested in planting a new parish.

The normal steps to take are:

  1. Pre-Screen Meeting

  2. Planter Evaluation

  3. Missional Plan

  4. Interviews

  5. Determinations

  6. Preparation & Equipping

  7. Implementing the Missional Plan

If you are ready to plant a parish, you can request a pre-screen meeting online.

REC100 Logo

Do you want to use the REC100 Logo on your parish website, electronic newsletters, emails, or anything else to promote the REC100 vision? You may use the following logos. These logos are trademarked and you should only use those that have the little (R) in the bottom right quadrant. The logo is available in the following formats. You will have to scale them to the size you prefer.  


A vector format .eps format for better quality and large scalability.
Size: 2.1 Megabytes


A .png file with a transparent background. This is useful for websites or when you want a colored background to show through (like the one on this page)


A .jpg file. This has a white background.

The Front Porch:

Rec100 Newsletter

The Front Porch is the official newsletter for REC100! This newsletter will help us communicate recent developments, news, and resources within REC100. We will also include articles from planters and pastors centered around the topics of church planting and creating missional cultures in the parish. 

The latest issue (Lent 2019) of The Front Porch is now available. REC100 has distributed printed copies to each parish that can be used on Narthex or Display tables in the local parish. Additionally, a digital copy is available here and a pdf version can be downloaded. Feel free to share this in electronic newsletters, social media, parish websites, etc.

View Previous Issues

Lenten Offering Resources

While we have provided a mailing to each parish with pre-printed resources, the following resources can be downloaded, printed, and shared from this resource page.

  • Lenten Poster - Adult Themed (8 x 10 size) (poster size)

  • Lenten Poster - Child Themed (8 x 10 size) (poster size)

  • ‘Give 100’ offering Logo - (jpg) (png) (eps)

  • Bulletin Insert (half page double-sided) - (pdf)

  • Facebook/E-news Graphic - Adult Themed (jpg)

  • Facebook/E-news Graphic - Adult Themed (alternate) (jpg)

  • Facebook/E-news Graphic - Child Themed (jpg)

  • Cover Letter from National Canon Missioner (pdf)

Offerings should be received and processed by the local parish during Lent. The parish treasurer should submit a single check for the parish total offering to the REC100 treasurer by the 3rd Sunday after Easter. Submit Offerings to:


Church of the Holy Communion
17405 Muirfield Dr.
Dallas, TX 75287