Equipping and Empowering Church Planting in
the Reformed Episcopal Church


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Missional Community


At the 55th General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church in June 2017, Bishop Sutton introduced the Vision that every Reformed Episcopal parish is a strongly established Missional Community as we plant 100 new Reformed Episcopal parishes throughout North America. This vision is simply known as 'REC100'. 

The REC100 vision is supported through the ministry of the REC100 Committee. This committee, consisting of  Diocesan Bishops and Canon Missioners and appointed laity, helps equip and empower every Diocese, every parish, and every plant/planter by providing tools,  resources, training, and administrative support associated with parish planting and growth. In addition, REC100 helps promote the financial support necessary through the annual REC100 Offerings where members are asked 'to give a hundred'.

THE MOST REV. RAY R. SUTTON   Presiding Bishop 2016 - Present

Presiding Bishop 2016 - Present

Our compulsion

God the Holy Spirit is the living missionary God dwelling us by faith in Jesus Christ. We have a compulsion to testify and spread the Gospel. We may not always obey the Lord's prompting to spread the good news, but it's there and it's time for it to be reawakened and fulfilled among all western Anglicans...

THE MOST REV. ROYAL U. GROTE, JR. Presiding Bishop 2014-2016

Presiding Bishop 2014-2016

our conviction

It is our conviction that mission should be at the center of everything we are and do in the Reformed Episcopal Church. Every Reformed Episcopalian should be a missionary. Each parish should be a mission station. All committees at the parish, diocesan and national levels should factor mission into the center of the business first and foremost. Mission should be of the heart of every aspect of the Reformed Episcopal Church.... 


A Prayer for REC100


Almighty Lord, Triune God of the harvest, we thank you for the Great Commission of your Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. By His command to spread the Good News, we are led at this time to a particular vision of planting 100 new missions and parishes in the Reformed Episcopal Church. We ask for your favor, grace, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Gospel call that many might come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We humbly petition you for the workers of the harvest as well as the funding required to support them. Mindful that without your help we can do nothing, we pray for your hand of blessing to be upon us for your glory; in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen. 


REC100 Resources


Veritas: What is Truth?

Developed and implemented by Bishop Sutton and members at the Pro-Cathedral parish in Dallas, TX, Veritas:What is Truth? is a seeker ministry program that provides an opportunity for believers and seekers to share a meal and openly discuss five stories from the Gospel of St. John that center around the question Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" 

The Front Porch Newsletter

REC100 distributes a seasonal newsletter to every parish to help communicate the most recent news, provide ideas and thoughts regarding church planting, and to encourage everyone that is supporting REC100 and the mission of the Reformed Episcopal Church in their local parish.  

REC100 Planting Guide

In any endeavor, one must know what to do and when to do it. The same thing is true in planting a new church. Any casual reader of the Old Testament book of Nehemiah will discover that the Lord blesses those who plan and honor him. Good planning is an essential part of any church planting endeavor.  To this end, the Bishops and the REC100 Committee have developed and compiled the REC100 Church Planting Guide. 


REC100 Offering

Following the model of the Diocese of Singapore, the Reformed Episcopal Church adopted the REC100 Offering where everyone is asked to 'give a 100' each year towards the support of church planting. Adult members across the denomination are asked to contribute at least $100.  Other members are asked to give "100" of something  (it may be pennies). The inaugural offering in 2018 helped raise $100,000!

2019 Resources available online:


Video Presentations

Bishop Sutton offered three sessions of teaching at the 55th General Council in 2017. These presentations centered around revitalizing our parishes as Missional Communities. In each presentation, Bishop Sutton develops principles of fishing with a net and establishing front-porch ministries where seekers can 'belong before believing'. Visit our Videos page to view all three presentations and to download pdf's and powerpoint files .



Getting Started!

If you or your parish is interested in planting a new parish, then start with the REC Church Planting Guide. This guide will help explain the process of church planting in the Reformed Episcopal Church as well as criteria for receiving REC100 grants. If you've read through the guide and are ready to move forward, then complete our request for a pre-screen meeting below.